Thursday Doors on Friday: Little Free Library

I am again taking a slightly different approach to the Thursday Doors theme. For one thing, it’s not Thursday . . . but these are still doors. They just aren’t doors that humans can literally walk through. They are doors to the imagination: doors to books!

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Mundane Monday: Framing the Mountains

My geocaching streak, finding at least one cache a day for the calendar year 2016, is chugging along. I am on day 270 now. (It’s actually good I check now and then because I just found one that I forgot to log 10 days ago, which left a hole in the streak. I fixed that!)

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Thursday Doors: German Language Camp

Last summer our daughter went to the MMLA German Language Camp for high school students at Green Mountain College in Poultney VT. In the dorm there was a floor for boys and a floor for girls. This one was for the girls. There aren’t actually many Germans in Vermont, but they did their best to dress it up.

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Book Review: Oil and Water by PJ Lazos

Oil and  WaterOil and Water by P.J. Lazos

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oil and Water has a little bit of everything: big ideas, well-drawn characters, complex family relationships, heroism, plot twists, mystery, comedy, and tragedy. It is the author’s debut novel after her publication of Six Sisters, a collection of novellas. A more ambitious and mature work than Six Sisters, this novel shows the author stretching her wings, taking audacious risks and giving voice to her passions. It is the kind of book that will stay with the reader for years afterwards, and which will likely only improve with re-reading.

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Thursday Doors: Filoli

This year for Mothers’ Day we visited the Filoli Estate in Woodside.This estate is where the TV show, Dynasty, was filmed.

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Little Writing Retreat on the Prairie, Part VII: The Road Ahead

  • “You’re going to have to learn to ignore a lot of advice, including some of mine.” 
  • You both have to, and can’t, keep your readers in mind as you’re writing.
  • Try writing some non-fiction, in addition to fiction.
  • Set up a place to write where you can close the door and won’t be interrupted
  • Put your writing materials there and books/resources that you use for writing

I’ve been back from the Windbreak House retreat for over a month now, and I thought I would write two, maybe three, posts about it. Instead here I am, wrapping up with Post Number 7.

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Mundane Monday: Sleeping Kitty

img_6888Our cat Sadie has been living with us for a little over 6 months. She sleeps a lot. Most cats do, but she seems to do it even more than most. This isn’t just a subject for Mundane Monday. It’s for Mundane Tuesday, and Mundane Wednesday, and . . Continue reading Mundane Monday: Sleeping Kitty


Photo Challenge: Edge, at the Oberhausen Gasometer

I seem to have found a new way to procrastinate working on my novel: participating in photo challenges!

Gasometer Oberhausen
Exterior of Oberhausen Gasometer

But procrastination aside, I had been wanting to share these photos for a while and hadn’t found a good place to do it. (They are not mundane enough for Mundane Monday and there’s not a Thursday Door in sight). They were taken at the Gasometer in Oberhausen, Germany, near where my husband grew up. We visited the main exhibit during our visit this summer.

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Thursday Doors: EH?

Two weeks ago for Thursday Doors, I showed the doors we installed in our new house when we moved to CA. They had been painted out in the yard and were arranged in a circle, drying. They looked like a monument: Doorhenge.

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Mundane Monday: Pinecones

It is only the beginning of September, and summer isn’t officially over yet here in California. But these pinecones seem to herald the beginning of fall. Continue reading Mundane Monday: Pinecones