On a trip

I have been traveling and will be gone until July 7. I am visiting cultural sites in Western and Northern Europe, cruising on the Baltic Sea, and seeing friends and relatives in my husband’s home country of Germany. Wifi access is spotty. This is my first blog post from my phone. Continue reading On a trip



My first publication that was not a scientific paper was published last spring around this time. It was a story in a geocaching anthology called Geocaching GPS, Great Personal Stories of Romance, Adventure, and Connection. I had a reading of this story at the Mountain View Public Library in April. Continue reading Acceptance!

The Fiji Quartet

Back in 2006 when my kids were relatively small, I joined a website called violinist.com. My daughter, then 7 years old, was struggling to learn Suzuki violin from a teacher she didn’t get along with. I wasn’t playing at all at the time, but I was interested in helping my daughter. I had no idea back then what my little internet search for German folk songs was going to lead to. It introduced me to blogging. And blogging eventually brought me back to playing the violin myself, and the viola.

Continue reading The Fiji Quartet