Thursday Doors: Doorhenge

I have a lot of doors for my Thursday Doors post this week.

When we moved to CA from MA, we got a newer house, built in 1980 rather than 1929. There were a lot of good things about that, but a few less good ones. One of the less good ones was the interior doors. They were all dark and kind of flimsy. We replaced them with these, above. They were arranged in a circle in the side yard, spray-painted, and left to dry overnight before being installed.

I thought they looked a little like a certain monument in Britain . . .

Photo credit: Arcaid, Getty Images

14 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Doorhenge”

  1. You should totally do an art installation of doors. Take the flimsy ones you remove and paint each of them differently, then set them all up in the back yard in such a way you can rearrange them periodically. …No? Well, okay. 😉

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