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Mundane Monday: Broken Path

Driving around the North Bay near Suisun City, we came upon a geocache called (ironically, as it turned out) “Beautiful Downtown Denverton.” According to the geocache page description, “in 1878 the town [of Denverton] had a store and a blacksmith shop, a wheelwright, a meat market, a hotel, a school-house, and a Good Templars Hall.”

Where the sidewalk ends This is what’s there today.

Tub filled with weeds There was also a foundation, now overgrown with weeds.

Mooing under the blue sky Or was it a farmhouse? A homestead where someone hoped to build a life for themselves?

It has all faded away.

Denverton in Prisma

For the Mundane Monday Challenge #110, finding beauty in the everyday.

Mundane Monday: Pipeline

This weekend my husband and I participated in a “Georally,” which is a unique kind of geocaching event. It was a lot like a scavenger hunt. We were given a route to drive and questions to answer about things we saw.

SomethingToPonderMost of the questions were unexpected, and many were puns, like “What is something to Ponder?” with the answer being “Environmental Services.”

The weather was beautiful and we spent the whole day driving around the North Bay, an area we haven’t been to before that includes the cities of Benicia, Fairfield, and Martinez.

Part of the route took us along this pipeline pictured here, bright yellow against the blue sky and framed by our car’s windshield:


With all the pipelines in the news lately, I realized, as I passed under this one, that I had never actually seen an oil pipeline this closeup before.

There are several oil refineries in the area, which serve most of the northern part of the state of California. Alarmingly, they sit near or on top of the Concord Fault. According to the San Jose Mercury News, a large seismic event could “leave the entire northern half of the state without easy access to fuel, disrupting transportation and the transmission of electricity and water.”


Some of the most mundane and essential of functions flow through these bright yellow pipes. For the Mundane Monday Challenge #108.


Mundane Monday: CITO Events

This past weekend was Earth Day in the United States. There were marches in support of science in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, which I agreed with and supported, but didn’t end up going to. I am an introvert and don’t like crowds. Continue reading Mundane Monday: CITO Events

Thursday Doors: Mission Blue

On alternating Wednesdays, I drive up the Peninsula to teach a class at a middle school in Brisbane CA. Brisbane is a small town, pronounced Briz-bane (not “BRIZ-bin” like its namesake) just south of SFO airport. In spite of my having gone to graduate school at Stanford in the 1990s, I had never heard of it until I started teaching there this time around.

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Muddy Mundane Monday: Heartbreak Hill

My husband and I have gone geocaching together often enough that a theme is emerging. Usually the theme has to do with him suggesting something that I consider a little crazy, and after some negotiation, my going along with it in modified form and taking a lot of pictures. It was true for the events described in my published geocaching stories, “Bobbing for Bob,” and “Gentle Icelandic Sheep.” And it was true this past weekend in Yuba City.

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Thursday Doors: Painted Ladies

Most people seem to know these houses because they were in a show that I never watched. I found out about them through geocaching. My family and I went into San Francisco for New Year’s Day and one of our first stops was this virtual geocache.

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