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Mundane Monday: Great Wall Shopping

The Mutianyu area near Beijing is a great place to visit the Great Wall of China. It’s not crowded, a long stretch of the wall itself is restored to good condition, the surrounding natural scenery is beautiful, and it has a chair lift and toboggan! But today I’ll focus on the mundane aspects of the visit: what you see when you pay your money.

At the top of the chair lift is kiosk where they try to sell you pictures of yourself on the lift, and sniffing around the kiosk was this adorable little kitten with a fuzzy neck. She looked up at me long enough to allow this picture to be taken, but didn’t stay perfectly still, even then:

Great wall kitten
Tiger tiger!

Later, after climbing around on the wall, we visited the gift shop. I was surprised to find this mug at the cash register, serving as a container for souvenir pens:


On close inspection, the print on the mug to the right says “University of California Berkeley Mom.” Is someone who works at the Great Wall’s son or daughter going to school over here, across the Pacific, near my home?

Just one of many pieces of evidence that we are all connected somehow on this planet.

For the Mundane Monday photo challenge #121.

Mundane Monday: Framed Cat

So I hear the Mundane Monday Challenge might be winding down. Only a couple of more weeks! The challenge is to find a mundane object and frame it beautifully. I think I have to settle for interesting, rather than beautiful, when it comes to frames. But I never go wrong with cat pictures. Continue reading Mundane Monday: Framed Cat

Mundane Monday: Sleeping Kitty

img_6888Our cat Sadie has been living with us for a little over 6 months. She sleeps a lot. Most cats do, but she seems to do it even more than most. This isn’t just a subject for Mundane Monday. It’s for Mundane Tuesday, and Mundane Wednesday, and . . Continue reading Mundane Monday: Sleeping Kitty

Meow: cat update

IMG_5004Today I’m doing my part to fill up the internet with pictures of cats. After years of cat allergy, months of allergy shots, and lots of lobbying on the part of both kids, we got a cat last month. She is 4 years old, and she came with the name Sadie, which fits her, so we’re keeping it. She is part tabby and part Siamese. We’ve had her for almost a month now, and she is settling into her new home. The UULent word for today is home.

Continue reading Meow: cat update