Geocaching GPS: Great Personal Stories

Geocaching GPS: Great Personal Stories is a series of short-story anthologies about geocaching, edited by Kimberly Eldredge and published by New Frontier Books.

KarenPosterLibraryThe first book, Great Personal Stories of Romance, Adventure, and Connection, was launched on May 23 2015, at Geowoodstock 13 in Boonesboro MD. Geowoodstock is a yearly geocaching mega-event, like an international convention for geocachers. My story, “Bobbing for Bob,” is on p. 63. More about how and why I wrote this story, with pictures, is here in this blog: Geocaching GPS: My First Publication that isn’t a Scientific Paper. I gave a reading at the Mountain View Public Library last year, which I blogged about here, under the title “Writerly Things.”

P7250538The second book, Great Personal Stories of Geocaching Firsts, was launched on July 3, 2016 at Geowoodstock 14 in Denver, CO. It contains my story, “Gentle Icelandic Sheep,” about caching in Iceland with kids. It also contains a story by my husband (caching name gw0143) called “Up the Creek With Just One Paddle.”


Geocaching GPS, Great Personal Stories of Romance, Adventure, and Connection (Book 1) is available from, and from the geocaching store here.

I also released copies of this book into local Little Free Libraries that are also geocaches. Find them to read or follow their journeys at Book Crossing:

Copy #1, Released in San Jose CA, BCID: 494-13992912
Copy #2, Released in Palo Alto CA, BCID: 641-13993268
Copy #3, Released in Sunnyvale CA, BCID: 127-14026541
Copy #4, Released in Sunnyvale CA, BCID: 303-14037071

geocachingfirsts-3d-webBook 2, Geocaching GPS, Great Personal Stories of Geocaching Firsts, is available here from I have also been giving away copies as raffle prizes at select SF Bay Area geocaching events.

Geocaching GPS book 2 as a raffle prize
Raffle prizes in Concord CA

goodreads_icon_100x100-4a7d81b31d932cfc0be621ee15a14e70Join the discussion or post a review on the Goodreads pages here (book 1) and here (book 2)!




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