I started taking violin lessons when I was 7, in a public school program in 4th grade. I played violin throughout school and a bit in college. I also studied violin for a school year in (then West) Berlin, Germany, at the Leo-Borchard-Musikschule.


I was a member of the and the Greater Buffalo Youth Orchestra in
high school, the Princeton University Orchestra in college, and the Occidental-Caltech Symphony as a postdoc

I had two major breaks from playing violin, both lasting about 7 years, one to get a PhD in Neuroscience and one to have kids. I started playing violin again about 8 years ago, and have added viola. I am drawn to the sound and orchestral role of the viola and hope to become more proficient in that instrument.

My profile pic on


When I started playing again most recently I started a blog on to keep myself motivated. I found that I liked writing about the violin, and about music generally. I have also interviewed several musicians–conductors, composers, and performers–that I’ve met during my violin adventures.


Boston Area

I joined the the Arlington Philharmonic Orchestra in Fall 2007, and I played violin and occasionally viola with that group. I was the concertmaster for most of my time there, when I wasn’t playing viola. One of my favorite places to perform chamber music was at the Belmont Farmers’ Market.


At the market, with the Mystic String Quartet, named for the Mystic River Valley and Lakes





Silicon Valley

After moving to CA last year, I tried out a few different groups and situations. I have played with the Nova Vista Symphony, the South Bay Philharmonic, the Silicon Valley Philharmonic, and various chamber groups.



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