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Book Review: Rebirth by Aaron Hodges

Rebirth (Praegressus Project #1)Rebirth by Aaron Hodges

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rebirth is an ambitious and exciting beginning to the Praegressus Project series. This series, by New Zealand author Aaron Hodges, is in the same vein as The Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, and other dystopian near-future fiction that puts teams of young adults through a series of brutal tests, the purpose and origins of which only become clearer to the protagonist and the reader as the story unfolds.  Continue reading Book Review: Rebirth by Aaron Hodges


A Writers’ Eye View

Last weekend my husband and I went to a Christmas party given by a local geocacher in Hayward, over in the East Bay. It was a fun party: lots of good food and conversation, and a contest. Every year this person puts out a series of puzzle caches on the first of the month, and at the end of the year, prizes for Fastest Solver and Fastest Finder for all 12 caches are given out at this party.

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Mundane Monday: Framing the Mountains

My geocaching streak, finding at least one cache a day for the calendar year 2016, is chugging along. I am on day 270 now. (It’s actually good I check now and then because I just found one that I forgot to log 10 days ago, which left a hole in the streak. I fixed that!)

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Mundane Monday: Train Crossing

When coming home from a work training late in the evening, I was surprised to have the lights come on and the barriers come down for a train crossing. It happens every day, I’m just usually not there to see it. I found the light and the swift-moving train in the darkness very eerie and beautiful at the same time. For PhoTrablogger’s Mundane Monday challenge #73.

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Belated Mundane Monday: Bermuda Buttercup

Pho Trablogger has a weekly challenge asking people to photograph the beauty in mundane, everyday things. Entrants have the rest of the week to enter, until the following Monday.

This type of challenge appeals to me. I have to say, this theme–mundane, everyday objects–describes most of my photography. I never expected that having an iPhone camera would result in my taking as many pictures as I do. I still remember film cameras–heck, I still remember Polaroid cameras. I have some pictures from those, and even posted scans of them for another challenge.

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