California’s Emerging Writers

Z Publishing House began as a blog in late 2015 (so my blog is actually older than it is! Jeepers!) I really like their philosophy and approach, which is to produce anthology samplers of different writers, to help compatible readers and writers find each other.

Back when I first started blogging–which is apparently now the dark ages in publishing terms–I wrote a post in which I explored my feelings about admitting that some people are just not ever going to get me, that I am not writing this book/blog post/story/poem/other creative work/ for them. The flip side of that uncomfortable “no” is the “yes” of finding your target audience and connecting with them. I think that process is what Z Publishing is trying to facilitate.

So without further ado, here is my latest publication, in California’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Non-Fiction.


It is available directly from Z Publishing House, or from Amazon.

“We like to refer to publications in this series as “sampler platters” of writers and genres, such that readers can quickly and efficiently discover talented authors that they may otherwise have never heard of as well as compelling genres, topics, and themes they may never have given a shot before.”

I have a short essay in this collection. It was inspired by this blog post: Already? Why I don’t like Daylight Saving Time Anymore. This topic is a surprisingly big issue in California this year, with a proposition on the November ballot to institute year-round Daylight Saving Time. I’m against the measure, for the reasons described in my essay and blog. This article by George Skelton in the LA Times also makes a good case for continuing to switch the clocks.

I would personally prefer year-round Standard Time, but I think clock switching is one of those compromises that makes everybody grumble a bit while in the end taking most people’s diverse needs into account. While I don’t agree with the folks who love Daylight Savings Time, I hear and understand their concerns. I don’t think that year-round Standard Time would be fair to them. In fact, my original blog post was subtitled “why I hate Daylight Savings Time.” After a conversation with someone on the other side I re-read the title, with the word “hate,” and decided to change it, for both the blog and the essay. “Hate” is a loaded word, especially these days, and it doesn’t have a place in this argument. I hope that they on the pro-DST side would be willing to give me and my needs the same consideration.

This is now my second published essay that was originally inspired by a blog post, the first being my contribution to Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes. Some of the reasons I started blogging were to write shorter pieces, to practice writing, and to practice finishing a piece of writing. That seems to be working out!


6 thoughts on “California’s Emerging Writers”

  1. I’m finding the DST issue an interesting case study in polarization. It’s not political the way most of today’s issues are, and I don’t think it divides neatly into the stereotypical right/left categories. But people do get excessively passionate about it, and there seems to be an unfortunate unwillingness to compromise with or even try to understand the other side–both of which characterize too much of today’s polarized political debate these days.

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  2. That’s terrific, Karen! How do you even have time to find these publishers? I guess I long ago made the choice to just write in the little spare time I had and hoped the rest would work itself out. Apparently, I have more work to do in the marketing department! Thanks for the inspiration! :0)

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    1. I found them through blogging. I met Susan W Bailey, who runs a blog focused on Louisa May Alcott, when I wrote about Alcott for my blog. She left a comment and I started following her. Then I found out about the anthology on her blog, Z publishing contacted me through my blog. I submitted 3 pieces to them, I think. They chose this one, maybe because of the Daylight Saving Time initiative on the CA ballot this year. It’s “timely” (ha). For the geocaching anthology, I found out about it on the Facebook page of a geocaching author I like, Morgan C Talbot. When I went on the writing retreat 2 years ago, the instructor told me that she thought I would enjoy branching out into more non-fiction and I think she was right. I like fiction too of course, but it’s hard!


  3. Hi Karen – that sounds like a great publisher to be involved with. I’m so pleased a reason for blogging was to practise your writing and you’ve done that with these entries into their anthologies. I imagine Daylight Saving would evoke different viewpoints … I was never unhappy with it in the UK and rather liked the change … bringing winter and Christmas ever closer, then letting us have that extra hour of daylight … so the long summer nights were ahead. Congratulations on your involvement and the essay inclusions – cheers Hilary

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