Mundane Monday: Sleeping Kitty

img_6888Our cat Sadie has been living with us for a little over 6 months. She sleeps a lot. Most cats do, but she seems to do it even more than most. This isn’t just a subject for Mundane Monday. It’s for Mundane Tuesday, and Mundane Wednesday, and . .

She is part Siamese, part tabby. If you could see her eyes, you would see that they are slightly crossed. She doesn’t hunt anything except cat treats. I chose the featured photo for the Mundane Monday challenge because it is a picture of her framed by the sun coming through the window blinds.

img_6644We adopted her from a shelter and she was already 4 years old when she came to live with us. She is still more fearful and shy than other cats I have known. She startles easily and runs away from large objects and people. She doesn’t like the violin at all. She likes the viola and cello a little better, but not much. When we first got her, she hid under the desk for days. But she has started coming downstairs now, especially at night.

img_6849She has three beds she likes to sleep on, or under. All these pictures are taken with her on the guest room bed where my writing desk is.

Sleep well, kitty.

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