Mundane Monday: Framing the Mountains

My geocaching streak, finding at least one cache a day for the calendar year 2016, is chugging along. I am on day 270 now. (It’s actually good I check now and then because I just found one that I forgot to log 10 days ago, which left a hole in the streak. I fixed that!)

There are several traditional caches along the frontage road for highway 101 between my home in Mountain View and Palo Alto, where I often go for music lessons, chamber music, soccer games, or other fun pursuits. There is also a bike and walking trail along the frontage road. Looking in one direction you see cars whizzing by on one of the most well-used roadways on earth. Looking in the other direction, you see . . . this:


I’ve thought more than once since I moved to California that it’s cheating to do photography here. It’s easy to stop, get out of the car, find something mundane, and take a nice picture of it with the phone camera.

Jithin, at the Photrablogger Mundane Monday challenge, challenges us to find beautiful frames for our pictures. So in this case I decided to take another because it makes a difference how the foreground and background are arranged. The picture above doesn’t show the mountains, but on a clear day you can see all the way back to them, pink-ish-brown behind the wildflowers.


It was late in the day when I took this, also late in the season–the end of summer and beginning of fall, when we hope the rains will come and turn the landscape green again.


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