We do enough geocaching in our family that I sometimes forget that not everyone knows what it is. There is a popular T-shirt that explains geocaching thusly:

“I am a geocacher. I use multi-million dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods.”

The most straightforward way to find out more is probably to just log onto the site.

For newbies and cachers with kids, blogger Muddy Mum has a great guide to geocaching on her blog, “Mud and Nettles,” that defines caching terms such as FTF, DNF, muggles, and TFTC.

When I was a Girl Scout Leader, our troop hid a geocache, which is still going strong 5+ years later. I especially enjoy collecting geocoins and pathtags that are sometimes found as trackables in geocaches. My header is a portion of the 1000 finds geocoin.


A couple of years ago I won a geocaching doll in an online contest sponsored by Red Adept Publishing. She is hand-made by “Sock the Puppet’s Knitted Palace.”  She was customized to be a girl and have my coloring and blonde hair. She also has a better GPS than I do.

The author with trackable doll, Hallie

I named her Hallie, after the title character in my geocaching novel, Hallie’s Cache.


5 thoughts on “Geocaching”

  1. Think yours is the second blog I’ve come across in the past week which had a geocaching focus. Never heard of it before now. Great way to get the kids outdoors and route finding – always useful skills. Will see how popular it is in our area, sounds like fun!

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    1. Geocaching was the inspiration for this blog, but it is not really the focus. I’m using it as a metaphor for the search for meaning and as a way to explore the world. I agree that it’s a great way to get kids outdoors, but our kids have lost interest since they’ve become teenagers.

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  2. I am also doing Geocaching in South Africa but we don`t have so many people interested. My youngest daughter got me into it as she was having a rest after metal detecting.I am 75 but still active except for climbing trees 🙂 Thank you for seeing my blog, it is mainly for the family so they can keep track 🙂 All the best Keith

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