Thursday Doors: Belgian Beer & Chocolate

This summer I experienced my first time in Belgium. I am not a newcomer, however, to Belgian chocolate. Our first evening there after arriving we took a walk, first to see the “peeing girl” (peeing boy will come later) and then to the Grand Place. Lots of restaurants, bars, and chocolate shops, and their doors, on the way!

Belgian beers are primarily ales with a heavy emphasis on malts and a lot of fruity yeast flavors.

Belgian chocolate is famous for its high cocoa content. It is a favorite of dark-chocolate lovers, such as myself.

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12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Belgian Beer & Chocolate”

  1. Yum! Chocolate is worth traveling for all on it’s own. 🙂 Did you share a pic of the peeing girl or did I just miss it? Not that I am all that keen to see it, but it has my curiosity up now!

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  2. Not a fan of ales because I like both dark beer and dark chocolate. 🙂 The second half of your title would be for me. Good finds. I didn’t realize there was a peeing girl. I just remember thinking how weird the Manneken Pis was such a big deal. 🙂


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