The Streak: Day 104

In case you can’t see it up there on the featured image, I’m on day 104 of a geocaching streak. It started the last day of 2015, and this morning my husband and I biked to and found a cache around the corner that has a similar name to our teenage daughter.

Streaks are more his thing than mine, and I started doing this so that we’d have something to do together. We don’t always find the same cache every day: he is doing a puzzle cache streak (again, more his thing than mine) and I’m doing an “any old cache” streak. So, sometimes it’s a puzzle, but often it’s not.

I couldn’t even keep track until he bought me a premium membership for my birthday last December. Now it’s almost as bad as checking my blog insights: I find the most caches in August and usually on Saturday (whereas the most popular day for people reading my blog recently switched to Monday morning . . . Hmm).

Violinists tend to be big on practicing streaks too, and I’ve resisted all that for years. I am also not blogging A to Z, and I missed my Camp NaNoWriMo target yesterday.

So why this, why now? It has to do with my husband. He’s been a huge help, pushing through and solving puzzles that I would have long ago given up on if left to my own devices. But I also think I’ve finally gotten to the point where the streak has taken on a life and momentum of its own. If I missed a day, it would be very difficult to start and keep it going even this long again, since I’ve found many of the easy ones near my house at this point (some cachers call it “clearing a radius”). I also chose this year because it’s a leap year and I can get all 366 days in a row the same year. If I mess up now, I’ll have to wait 4 years before I can try that again. And there are some challenge caches that require all 366 days in a row.

So here I am, trying to keep it going the whole year. Maybe next year I’ll try a blogging, or a practicing streak. But one streak at a time is enough for me.



8 thoughts on “The Streak: Day 104”

  1. Well done on 104 days! My longest streak is only 7 days and I found that stressful, mainly as I have all the local caches and was having to start looking further afield so I quit. Maybe one day!

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    1. Yeah, that part is stressful. Yesterday my husband went on a big caching trip/hike with one of his friends. I didn’t go because those aren’t really my thing–60 caches in one day. And without him around to remind me, I got lost in another writing project and almost forgot to find a cache at all. I went out at 9 pm and found an easy one, using the flashlight on my phone. Fortunately there still are some left around here!


    1. It is a fun activity, but earlier in the year, before there was much at stake, I was stressing out about it. One day I actually said to myself as I was biking home, “this is stupid! Who cares if I find a cache every day or not? I’m just getting anxious and stressed out for no reason! Tomorrow I’m just not going to do it!”

      And then tomorrow came around, and I was feeling better again, and I was like, why not?

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