We are the World Blogfest: The Volleyball Team from Paradise

“Camp Fire” is a strange name for such a terrible thing. I grew up thinking of campfires as cozy opportunities to gather around and roast marshmallows. But that is the name for the most devastating wildfire in CA history, destroying the town of Paradise, killing 88 people, and causing $7 billion worth of damage. Thanksgiving rains brought relief from smoky skies and a reason to be truly thankful as they helped the fire to reach 100% containment.

There are many stories from the Camp Fire, which was only about 180 miles from my home. Some scary, some sad, a few happy. I chose this particular story for the “We are the world” blogfest: “OUTPOURING OF LOVE: Forest Lake Christian community lends helping hand to Paradise Adventist Academy during time of need”  by Walter Ford, from The Union, Nov 12, 2018.

This was a semi-final girls’ volleyball game in the CIF NorCal Division VI. The Cougars from Paradise, the town devastated by the fire, still showed up to play the Lady Falcons. They didn’t even have uniforms. But their opponents welcomed them with jerseys, shorts, knee pads, and socks, donated food and clothing, cash, and gift cards collected from the community. It struck me that these young people know better than adults how to treat others who may be their adversaries in one area of life.

These communities will be dealing with the fire’s aftermath for months and years to come. Please consider donating to fire relief efforts.

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5 thoughts on “We are the World Blogfest: The Volleyball Team from Paradise”

  1. Love in a time of need. Nothing beats people coming together in hard times to give love, reassurance, and build the spirit of togetherness. Thank you for posting this story and for participating in #WATWB. I am co-hosting.

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  2. 180 miles away from you – scary! I hope you and yours are among the unharmed.

    This year we got up close and personal with hurricanes, as my husband and I had to evacuate for Hurricane Michael, along with our five cats. That was fun…although it was nice to have an excuse to stay with my brother-in-law and his boyfriend (BIL also, ironically, named Michael). And we got to see him for his birthday, which because they live in Jacksonville (3 hours away from us), we hardly ever have the chance to do. When we returned to our house, it was safe, but boy, we had a scare! It gives me a new appreciation for what people whose homes are threatened go through.

    You all be well over there. Sending good vibes.

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    1. We are unharmed, but the air quality around here was really poor for a while! Several school events got cancelled or rescheduled. I had a box of masks and wore one for a few days. Driving on 101 looked like something out of “Blade Runner.” The Thanksgiving rains finally brought the air back to its normal clear state.


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