Alamo Square Park, San Francisco

Thursday Doors: Painted Ladies

Most people seem to know these houses because they were in a show that I never watched. I found out about them through geocaching. My family and I went into San Francisco for New Year’s Day and one of our first stops was this virtual geocache.

Virtual caches are a special kind of geocache that doesn’t involve finding an actual container. Instead, you go to the coordinates posted on the site and answer some questions about what you find there, and maybe post a picture of yourself at the location. Virtual caches are often located next to famous landmarks, and can be useful in helping you get to know a new place, or when planning a sightseeing route while traveling.

In this case, the cache site was in Alamo Square Park, across from the houses but affording a good view (Alamo Square Park is also, I learned, the place where the family in the show I never watched had a picnic in the opening credits). At that location, the doors were not particularly visible, so I had to get closer for this challenge. This meant I had to explain to my family about Thursday Doors. Fortunately, they’re used to weird mom things like that.

The Christmas season in San Francisco still seems unusual to me. It was bright and sunny, warm enough not to need a hat, and any attempts at evergreens and holly look weirdly artificial, especially to this former east coast resident. But the playfulness and grace of these houses is never out of place.




26 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Painted Ladies”

      1. I took some good door photos in Australia, but I haven’t taken the time to put them out there! 🙂 I think I took a couple thousand pics. So too many to get to at once. 🙂

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  1. Love this post, partly because it is in CA. The pictures are gorgeous. I’ve never heard of geocache. I put it in my blogging journal. Very cool! Let me know if you are still in CA. I’m about 4 hours away from SF.

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  2. The neighborhood complained and I thought they put up fencing in Alamo Sq. while renovating the park which partly obcured the views and they were restricting the tour buses from that area. That being said, I’ve been in SF for over 38 yrs and I have yet to take photos of the Painted Ladies (guess its time I make a trip to that location). 🙂

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    1. They are renovating the park and there is construction in the park. But you can still walk by and take pictures. Don’t know about tour buses. I didn’t see any while we were there but it was New Year’s Day and the tour companies probably take the day off.

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      1. I think the tour buses are off-limits now because there were too many interrupting the lives of the residents. The next iconic neighborhood under consideration for tourist restriction is Lombard Street’s crookedest street so if you haven’t been there yet do so while you can.

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  3. I’ve had the good fortune to see them in person on a number of previous trips to SF, but alas it was before I became a door nut.
    They are pretty iconic pieces of SF architecture, seen in a number of TV shows and movies over the years.
    I’m glad to know your kids are taking mom’s door addiction in stride 😉

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  4. Enjoyed the doors and you teased at the start – I was asking, “what show?”
    And it was Full House!
    The virtual cache sounds pretty win win….
    And loved seeing San Francisco today

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  5. Those houses across from Alamo Square Park have appeared in many, many photographs (I wonder how the homeowners feel about that?) but I don’t know what TV show you are referring too so I probably missed it too. Your door post today makes me want to get back up to San Francisco soon… such a beautiful city!

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