Our new kitchen faucet, with persimmons on the counter behind

Mundane Monday: Our new kitchen faucet

The Mundane Monday photo challenge has weekly themes this year, and this week’s theme is a “washbasin.” I put the term in quotes because we in the USA don’t usually call it that. The picture in the blog looks like a sink to me. Clearly this challenge is right for me, though, because I already have some sink pictures. 

These were taken before and after we got our new faucet. The old faucet came with the house when we moved in. It was burnished stainless steel and matched the sink and appliances. It was also a pain in the neck. The button that allowed you to switch from a steady stream to a shower-like rinse had fallen off and gone down the garbage disposal. Then the whole faucet got loose and wobbly. I tried to fix it myself but wasn’t able to. Neither was our regular handyman, because something inside was irreparably broken. “Cheap plastic parts inside,” he said. “They don’t last.” So we bought the one on the right. It’s shinier and it feels more substantial than the old one. We’re hoping it will last a little longer.

I also think it is interesting that you can see the persimmons from our backyard tree that I had put on the counter to ripen. There are fewer in the “after” photo because I had used many of them to make persimmon cookies by that time. Now they are all gone: I pulped the remaining few and froze the pulp.

For the Mundane Monday Challenge #142.  Mundane Monday Challenge encourages you to take more pictures by being aware of your surroundings. The philosophy of MMC is simple. You can create a beautiful picture even by focusing on a very common looking, dull or so called Mundane subject!


9 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Our new kitchen faucet”

  1. Hi Karen – I’m certain your husband is right about the brand!! But it does look better … while persimmons … I’ve never seen them growing or wondered about them – I do eat them. Interesting … a good Mundane Monday even if I got here on a tuesday … cheers Hilary

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  2. We have a portable dishwasher, and I’m always worrying that hooking it up to the water in the sink and then having to almost pull to undo it is going to ruin our faucet. There IS a remodel in our future — hopefully. Persimmons! My gosh! I don’t think I’ve ever hear of anyone using them to bake. Going to have to read up on them.

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  3. Garbage disposals are not common in Denmark. You need to ask the county if you are allowed to use one, depending on what the sewers can handle in your area. The kitchen faucets are generally from Germany, or Denmark. Persimmons come from Israel, Tunisia or Spain. They might be called Kaki fruits. Sorry, no picture just ramblings about life in this foreign Country…..

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