Fuyu persimmons on the counter

Mundane Monday (on Tuesday): Persimmons

Last year when we moved into our new house in CA, we had mysterious trees in our backyard bearing mysterious fruit. A couple of people told us these were persimmons. I had never eaten a persimmon before. I’m not a particularly adventurous eater, but I’ll try any fruit or vegetable once.

With persimmons it wasn’t exactly love at first sight, but we had a lot of them last year, and I learned how to make persimmon bread and persimmon cookies. I also learned that chocolate chips improve virtually any baked good.

Persimmon cookie batter


It’s nice to be experiencing the second cycle of the year in the “new” house. It makes me feel more at home. For this week’s Mundane Monday Challenge.


6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday (on Tuesday): Persimmons”

  1. Growing up in San Diego, I had never had a persimmon as a child… probably because they (not typically grown in this area) were expensive (and still are). I first had them when we visited my husband’s parents in the Sacramento area… yum, I was sold! Funny, a neighbor brought a bag of persimmons to the Halloween party last night… he said they were grown locally. I may have to plant a persimmon tree in my yard so I can have my own stash. 🙂

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