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The Empty Map

This is a map of the geocaches around my house. (For a quick introduction to geocaching, see this page). The green-on-white boxes are the locations of caches yet to be found. The smileys represent the caches I’ve found already. The blue question marks represent puzzle caches, in which you have to solve a puzzle to get the exact coordinates, more my husband’s thing than mine.

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 12.12.53 PM
The geocaches around our house. I can bike to these.

I’m getting familiar with this map because since the beginning of 2016 I’ve been on a geocaching streak. My husband is an old hand at streaks too: a few years ago he did a 100 days in a row, and he has found a cache on every day of the calendar year, although not sequentially, since 2008 when we started.

I have neither of these milestones under my belt, but as this is a leap year, and I’ve found caches every day so far plus Dec 31, I’m interested in seeing how far this can go. There are still quite a few caches within walking or biking distance, that I can find when I’m out and about during the day. Continue reading The Empty Map

Fitbit Fit

Several Christmases ago I bought myself a pedometer, a Geopalz “Global Footprint,” toglobalfootprint
keep up with my kids, who got other Geopalz as gifts.

Four years later and I’m the only one who still cares. That Global Footprint has been lost and found too many times to count: in my Belmont backyard after mowing the lawn, in a store dressing room, in the garage, in my classroom at work in Newton, in the weight room on a cruise ship, and on the way back from a waterfall in Hawaii. (In that case, it was my son who fished it out of the water.) It survived a spin in the washing machine after not being removed from my pants pocket. My teenage daughter’s iPhone-in-the-toilet story may top all of these, but just barely.

geopalzAfter its final farewell, somewhere unknown at the school in Massachusetts where I taught (and where I was trying to see if I could increase the amount I walked around the classroom while I was lecturing), I got fed up.

Continue reading Fitbit Fit