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Thursday Doors: Little Italy San Jose

2017 wasn’t a bad year for me. Things got progressively better as it went on and I look back fondly on many personal and family events of the year.

But as the 1-year anniversary of the Women’s March approached this January, I was reminded how demoralized I had been when last year began. My novel languished, and my blog became very pictorial, as I blogged about what I thought were safe topics. The feeling of my country and our democracy having been attacked and undermined both from within and from without, was chilling. The sparse inauguration crowds and the lies told about them on the world stage added to the cold wintery feelings of alienation.

earthsignBut what a difference a year makes! Last year, as millions marched all over the world, I caught up with an old friend in Santa Cruz. I have to admit that as an introvert, protests, marching, and the like don’t come naturally to me. (I appreciated the sign that read “So bad, even introverts are here!”) I didn’t wear a pink hat, but I enjoyed reading the signs and being surrounded by a group of people who were peaceful but happy and energized, and who cared. That march was the beginning of a long thaw for me. I talked about it in church, and wrote about it here: Wild and Precious.

So this year, when the church was getting together a group of people to march again, I joined in enthusiastically. We went to the San Jose march, which started near City Hall and ended near Little Italy, where I took the photos for this post.

I hadn’t known San Jose had a Little Italy, and it appears to be a relatively new development. Visit their website here, to read about the businesses, the piazza, and plans for a museum and cultural center. The gateway arch pictured here was dedicated in April 2015.


Here are some of the doors. The last one warns you that you are in Sharks territory!


PussyCatHatAnd this year, I did wear a hat. It was a gift from a friend, who knitted it by hand and added a silver kitty charm to the brim. I feel blessed to have friends like that!



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Wild and Precious

Last Sunday the UU church I joined in December, the UU Fellowship of Sunnyvale, held a service called the Our One Wild and Precious Life service. The title is inspired by the last lines of Mary Oliver’s poem, The Summer Day.

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