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Mundane Monday: Keychains

Today’s Mundane Monday challenge is Key Chain. I have a complicated relationship with these objects because I have a tendency to forget and lose keys. The featured photo is one of my solutions to this problem: a place to hang keys when you enter and leave the house.

The two on the left are spare car keys, the one with the dolphins is a house key on a chain that a friend gave me as a souvenir from her trip to the Bahamas. The empty chain is a gift from my cousin and his wife when they visited her family in Thailand, where she is from. I have a few other memento and gift keychains too: I’ve won a dozen of them at least from Royal Caribbean over the years in cruise ship trivia contests. I was awarded one by a former employer for 5 years of service. And I got a dream catcher from an organization asking for donations to help low-income kids realize their dreams.

Trablogger’s advice for this challenge is to “Try the Rule of thirds, Shallow depth of field and Minimalism. Keep your subject in any one third of the frame, make the background blur and keep plenty of empty space.”

I only have an iphone camera, so my ability to do anything with the depth of field is rather limited, but here goes. Catch your dreams!


For the Mundane Monday Challenge #146.  Mundane Monday Challenge encourages you to take more pictures by being aware of your surroundings. The philosophy of MMC is simple. You can create a beautiful picture even by focusing on a very common looking, dull or so-called Mundane subject!