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Mundane Monday: Rectangles

On Saturday I had been feeling a bit under the weather, but I was on the mend. I had an evening concert to play in and decided I was well enough to go. On my way to the concert I went to find my geocache of the day, which was at this gazebo in a park nearby the high school auditorium, which was also the concert venue.

The sun was going down making all sorts of rectangular shadows through the railing. The cache was an easy find, tucked behind the gazebo just by one of the supports.

I found out after I arrived at the concert venue that the power had been out in the entire town for about 3 hours prior to the concert, and just came back on. The sunshine made me feel better and the concert went well.


For the Mundane Monday Challenge #163 from Dr K Ottaway. What is your take on rectangles, what perspective lifts them out of the mundane and makes a magical photograph?

My answer: Sunlight and shadow!



Mundane Monday: Embassy Suites

I was out with my husband finding some geocaches near a creek in Milpitas for my daily streak (830 days as of this writing), and spotted this building in the distance.

The way the light shines on it through the clouds, the green hills around it, the dome, the river, the mist, all this made me think it might be something special. Maybe some rich Silicon Valley millionaire’s villa, or a folly building like a mini Hearst Castle. A winery? A high school? A museum?


It turns out it’s an Embassy Suites hotel. I’ve never stayed there, but yeah, it looks nice.

The Mundane Monday Challenge is under new ownership. Check it out at K Ottaway’s Rural Mad as Hell Blog.

Mundane Monday Travel: Paris streetlights

Our first night in Paris, we arrived during a rainstorm and were greeted by a rainbow as we left Orly.

Taken through the window of a taxi, the Mundane Monday challenge in reverse: a transcendent object–a rainbow–framed by mundane traffic, roads, and buildings.

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Music of the Night

Last Monday evening I was at the dress rehearsal for my recent orchestra concert. During rehearsal, the sun went down, the moon came out. It was just starting to grow, curve bulging toward the right, in the shape of a “D,” a waxing crescent. My phone camera freaked out, trying to capture this distant shape, the little center square moving in and out of focus. Continue reading Music of the Night

Mundane Monday: Overpass

Geocaching and the Mundane Monday challenge are a good match. I was looking for a cache to keep my streak going (I’ve now gone 123 consecutive days with a find), and I found a great caching series based on the planets. The cache for the sun is located in downtown San Jose, Mercury is a mile away, and caches for the other planets up to Neptune are placed at proportional distances away from the sun. Each planet’s cache also has clues in its logbook, and when you find the cache, you write down its clues so that when you add the clues up, you will get the coordinates for a Halley’s Comet cache. I have to find that one!

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Belated Mundane Monday: Bermuda Buttercup

Pho Trablogger has a weekly challenge asking people to photograph the beauty in mundane, everyday things. Entrants have the rest of the week to enter, until the following Monday.

This type of challenge appeals to me. I have to say, this theme–mundane, everyday objects–describes most of my photography. I never expected that having an iPhone camera would result in my taking as many pictures as I do. I still remember film cameras–heck, I still remember Polaroid cameras. I have some pictures from those, and even posted scans of them for another challenge.

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