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New State, New Year, New Blog

A group of us on a violin Facebook group where I am a member have decided to start a new music blog for adult learners, called Soundpost. This blog will emphasize personal journeys and stories and will be a support for adults learning to play stringed instruments, especially those who started or re-started as adults.

I made my first post to the group today:

But, here I am facing possibly my biggest motivation challenge since I re-started in 2006. Last July I moved from the Boston area where I lived for 18 years, to the San Francisco Bay area in California. This move was motivated by my husband’s job at Google. I was able to transfer my teaching job at an educational non-profit to the California office, but I left my violin/viola teacher, my orchestra, and my chamber music buddies behind, and I miss them dearly.  I feel like I have to re-start all over again. Yet again. But by now I should be a pro at that. Right?

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Learning to love choral music

I have been participating in a weekly blog series called the Monday Music Medicine Show, hosted by Fimnora Westcaw, the Quantum Hermit. As a violinist whose tastes tend toward the traditional and classical, and as a non-Beatles-lover, I wasn’t sure at first whether this was going to work out for me, or where I would fit in. The bands and solo artists I liked growing up tended to be ones other people made fun of, or that they called “guilty pleasures.” But I am finding the blog to be an interesting and even broadening experience. It turns out there are people outside of the orchestra with whom I can talk about music.

Then came this week’s questionWhat choral songs fill you with the exquisite allure of voices beautifully blending together, and wrap you in their embrace? Continue reading Learning to love choral music

An Old Hope

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens this week. My son is now right about the age that I was when what is now called “Episode IV: A New Hope” opened in 1977. (Back then we just called it “Star Wars” and left it at that.) I was a fan, and my younger 7-year-old brother was an even bigger one, with all the action figures and play sets. We’re still fans, even in adulthood. (Somehow Facebook knows this about me, and recently suggested that I purchase a Darth Vader Hello Kitty helmet.)


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The Piano

Fimnora Westclaw at the Monday Music Medicine Show asks, what incidental music from television shows or movies has captured your attention, and found its way into your hearts?

I read that question and looked up, to where I saw the electric piano in my living room.

I have had a few piano lessons in my life, but not many. I’m self-taught, which is not as hard for a violinist as it would be from scratch. Continue reading The Piano