Thursday doors: if it’s not a door, what is it?

I have to give this homeowner credit for a sense of humor.

Walking to my car from the CalTrain station in Mountain View I came upon this door. Or at least it looks like a door: it has a handle, steps leading up to it, and a small roof to keep you dry if 1. you were knocking at this non-door, and 2. it was actually raining here in droughty California.

A door this is not

Other people must have thought so too, or the owners wouldn’t have had to paint those words on it. I wonder what is behind the door to make them take it out of commission.

You can find the real door–same design, same color scheme–a bit to the right.

The real door

I don’t know these people–I was just walking home from my train–but I really like the color scheme they chose. The contrast between the door and the surrounding wall is satisfying. It blended in very nicely with the setting sun.

I’m also using the process of editing this simple post to learn how to use the WordPress block editor. I failed at this last week and went back to Classic, because I couldn’t find the menu that would let me add my featured image and tags. It’s surprisingly non-intuitive. The internet told me that if you just opened up and edited a post you would get that menu. But you actually have to click the settings icon to see it, or at least I did. And then you have to click the jetpack icon to see how to share the post on your social media accounts.

These aren’t that difficult of tasks in and of themselves, but every new step is a stumbling block at first. I hope that eventually getting familiar with the block editor will make blogging easier again!

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun by creating your own Thursday Doors post each week and then sharing your link in the comments at Norm’s blog

10 thoughts on “Thursday doors: if it’s not a door, what is it?”

    1. I actually managed to write this post using the block editor for the first time. That’s better than last week when I gave up entirely. So I hope that’s a good sign that the learning curve will flatten out eventually!


  1. That second panel from the bottom on the right? Is that a picture of the door, or (as I see it) the TARDIS? In which case, that could explain a lot.

    I’ve recently come back to my WordPress blog and everything had changed, so I’ve got a draft post where I’ve just played around with every single block and setting. I’ve taught myself what I need to know at the moment. It probably helped that I’d had 18 months away, and I’m not sure I’d remember the old version anyway.

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    1. Oh, I remembered the old version just fine–LOL! But I’m trying to do something similar: use the return to my blog after a break as a fresh start to jump in to the new editor. (I already googled, “I hate the word press block editor. What are my options?” and didn’t find anything satisfactory, although I found some sympathy and like-minded souls). I have to learn some new teaching software (Canvas) for my job too this summer, so I’d better get used to being confused!


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