Not Irish

I’m not Irish. Not even a little. When I was a kid I would forget to wear green on this day and get pinched on the playground, a custom I’m still not really fond of.

But as a musician I am getting more fond of St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to play fun music.

Playing at the Belmont Farmers’ Market

We were in Ireland last summer as part of our trip. One of the places we visited in Dublin was Christchurch Cathedral.


The cathedral’s choir had its first performance of Handel’s Messiah in April of 1742. There is an electrical box on the grounds painted in Handel’s honor.


The oldest geocache in Europe is also in Ireland. It was placed on June 3, 2000. Here I am, finding it:


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (Please don’t pinch anyone . . .)


11 thoughts on “Not Irish”

  1. That’s a beautiful picture of you in the sun :). Thanks for sharing those lovely photos. I didn’t know you played the violin! Your music makes me think of my trip to the Scottish hills….Never been to Ireland…must change that.

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      1. yeah my sisters used to wear that one. If they were girls doing the pinching, my sisters would have beaten them up for ya. And if they were were guys, my brother and I would have beaten them up! Heck, we promoted ‘everyone is Irish on March 17th and never attack or accost the non-Irish.

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      2. Well, it was a long time ago, but I remember one boy in particular. He was kind of a jerk. I doubt he was even Irish himself! One of my friends gave me some green construction paper to make a green bracelet to wear, but even that didn’t help. But today I wore my green jacket to a St Patrick’s Day party and had a great time!


      3. well, we’d have a nice knuckle sandwich for that guy. We were taught you never hit girls – period! If I saw him picking of a girl, he would never do again in my presence. And that’s great you had a good time on St Patrick’s Day – that’s what it’s supposed to be for everyone!

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  2. Hi Karen – fun memories … and it must have been lovely to be out fiddling for the farmers and their customers at the market – interesting to know geo-caching started in 2000 … well it was an Irish sort of post – you weren’t in green though! Great to see you fiddling – Cheers Hilary

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    1. The first time I went to Ireland I bought a book of Irish Fiddle tunes that I still play from time to time. That is where the music in the video comes from. I love the music, but I play it “too classical.”


  3. I’m Irish on both sides of my family. I burn easily in the sunshine, have a tendency to laugh too much, and can drink just about anyone under the table. I’m told that these are stereotypical Irish traits, so I’ll go with it. Genetics are an amazing thing!

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    1. Ha! I too burn easily in the sunshine (note the hat and sunglasses in the picture), and especially for my height, weight, and gender I can drink a fair bit (although I haven’t tested that in a long time!) Maybe there is some Irish in there–what does 23andMe know?

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