Mundane Monday (on Tuesday): Gulls

Do you take pictures of gulls? asks Dr. KO of the Mundane Monday challenge.

Enquiring minds want to know

Surprisingly (since I don’t live particularly near a beach): Why yes, yes I do!

Carmel Beach City Park, Carmel CA

I read and was a fan of Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach in high school, and perhaps because I didn’t grow up near a beach, I still have a romanticized view of these opportunistic scavengers.

Gulls following a cruise ship in search of food they can grab off passengers' plates
Gulls following a cruise ship in search of food they can grab off passengers’ plates

I am a very amateur photographer and I don’t use any special equipment other than my phone to take pictures, but if there is a gull flying around, I seem to be unable to resist trying to capture it in flight.

Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove CA

A few years ago I went to Carmel, Big Sur, and Pacific Grove for my birthday, and there I hit the gull jackpot (and probably drove my husband crazy), taking pictures of gulls flying silhouetted against the pink sky of sunset.

Make them fly in formation!

Traveling, I have found gulls to be a world-wide phenomenon. They, not bluebirds of happiness, fly over the White Cliffs of Dover.


And across the English Channel:

And even in deep mid-winter, there they are:

Lake Tahoe, near the CA-NV border

They don’t need skis to fly!



5 thoughts on “Mundane Monday (on Tuesday): Gulls”

  1. I like your photos too! We have gulls here in Crawfordville, Florida – straight-line, I think it’s something like 18 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. They like to hover over the local Winn-Dixie parking lot (five minutes from my house). It’s pretty cool. 🙂 I LOVE the beach and would live on the beach, but my husband keeps reminding me about the hurricane thing (although you can definitely get damage inland too; you don’t have to live on the beach to sustain hurricane damage but it is more dangerous there).

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  2. Wow! Your gull pics are wonderful! My best bird pics are great blue herons and eagles and a video of a tiny wren where it and I were exchanging songs (yes there is audio too!). I am still working on birds in flight! Thank you.

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