Little Women Legacy: A Rhode Island Reverie with Donna Macdonald, Featured Author

Meet Donna Macdonald, a New England writer and contributor to Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes. I’m enjoying reading about all the different writers. I hadn’t thought about how much “Little Women” means to so many people.

In this blog post series, we’ll feature contributing authors from our new anthology, Alcott’s Imaginary Heroes: The Little Women Legacy. Today we’ll catch up with Donna Macdonald, a writer and blogger from Rhode Island.

Final Donna Macdonald Color-Edit

Contributor Donna Macdonald reads a vintage copy of Little Women in front of historic Wickford, Rhode Island.

What is your favorite scene from Little Women?

My favorite scene is when the sisters use Aunt March’s Christmas money to buy presents for Marmee.  They buy lovely gifts from the heart and present them so lovingly—the slippers, handkerchief, bottle of scent.  All scarce items in wartime and quite a sacrifice for the girls.  I remember buying small gifts for my mother at the five and dime for Christmas as a child and I think I learned that from Little Women.

If the March sisters were employed where you work, what would their jobs be? 

Jo would be…

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