Mundane Monday: Fountain

When we moved to CA almost 3 years ago, one of the first places we went was this movie theater: Century Cinema 16. It is near the Googleplex and is on a street aptly called “Movies.” It is a fancy theater, with reserved, reclining seats, which were a major novelty when we first arrived. The experience has gotten pretty routine now, since if we go out to a movie we never go anywhere else, and otherwise we watch Netflix. 

But in all those 3 years, this fountain has been dry. I had gotten used to seeing and walking and driving around the concrete circle, blue bottom paint chipping, small pipes sticking up at regular intervals, not rusting and not shiny. It was dilapidated in the way that many things in California are these days. I assumed that it was turned off because of the drought and then people got used to it that way.

And then I took my teenage son and 3 of his friends to see the movie Solo for his birthday. The fountain was back, the sun so bright and the sky so blue the camera effortlessly captures the individual water droplets.


For the Mundane Monday challenge, to find the beautiful in the mundane and realize that nothing is Ordinary. This week’s theme is “blue,” which fits the sky very well, but the fountain’s water looks a little too green for my taste!

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