Mundane Monday: California Poppies

The California poppy, Eschscholzia californica, is the CA state flower. It grows everywhere this time of year, even in the tiny bit of soil next to a drainage grate, or in the sandbags lining a creek.


It is sometimes found next to dandelions or Bermuda Buttercup, another common but pretty yellow weed.


Every year, April 6 is California Poppy Day and May 13th – 18th is Poppy Week. I’m right in between the two with this post.


The Mundane Monday Challenge is under new ownership. Check it out at K Ottaway’s Rural Mad as Hell Blog.


6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: California Poppies”

  1. Such beautiful flowers! I especially like the diagonal composition of the second image, but entirely love the photo with the drain grate too. Lovely to see them in such strong, bright sunlight.

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  2. You are fast! My mother loved poppies, particularly the red ones, but she had California poppies in her Virginia garden too. Happy flowers springing up where ever they can!

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