Mundane Monday: Line of RVs

This road lines Rengstorff Park in Mountain View, where I live. There was a nice little geocache in the park that I found with my daughter today. But I want to call attention to this line of RVs parked here, stretching back as far as the eye can see.


Unfortunately this view has become all too mundane in recent years:

The Mundane Monday Challenge is under new ownership. Check it out at K Ottaway’s Rural Mad as Hell Blog.

20 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Line of RVs”

  1. I enjoyed the perspective in the photo before I noticed the context of the post and have to come back to your links for supporting information. In England it’s extremely difficult to just park yourself up even as a pedestrian, people go to prison for it if they don’t die of trying to survive first. I’ll have to visit again for the full jist. Apologies if my comment seems insensitive while lacking fuller understandings.

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      1. I enjoyed my brief visit to your blog, best wishes for your musical performance – I’ll look forward to visiting again and having a look and/or listen to some of your other links too.

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  2. I had two patients last year who finally admitted that part of their worsening health was that they had no heat and stayed in bed all day to stay warm….. I feel helpless at that admission.


  3. I keep wishing that we’d built houses for lifetimes, not for egos. I want duplexes, with upstairs having a pocket kitchen. Young marrieds can rent the upstairs and then buy one, then use the whole house with children, then rent the upstairs to the next couple or solo when they are older….and let’s follow scandinavia, rooms in nursing homes to students in return for them spending a certain amount of time each week with the elders. We have to be more creative and loving about community….

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    1. I wish I could “love” this comment. There are actually quite a lot of duplexes in the Boston area where we used to live. They’re aging but they are well used. It is hard living far away from family, but so many people do.

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      1. Housing is squeezed in our area for working families and for single working people. Rentals are drying up and being replaced by air bnbs — but then the pressure on the roads increases as the people working in restaurants and the shops have to live further out and commute…

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      2. The people who do things like gardening and cleaning houses have to live very far away. When we first moved here we hired a painter to paint the interior of our garage, and it turned out he lives in a trailer park. At least it’s a permanent solution and not an RV. And schools have trouble hiring good teachers because they can’t afford to live in the communities where they teach.

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    1. San Francisco gets most of the publicity but it’s difficult all over Silicon Valley. When we moved here from the Boston area we thought we had seen everything because the market there is pretty hot, but we still had sticker shock!

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  4. Many areas are completely unaffordable for housing and yet the workforce in the area must have a place to live. When affordable housing construction is not supported… people have to find solutions on their own. It’s a huge problem in many areas.

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  5. Hi Karen – we get them at ‘major events’ in England … the RVs come in and park – grabbing good view points and then they go off in small cars … or as you say poorer people are using them as homes, or richer ones as 2nd homes … we are living in differing times – cheers Hilary

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      1. Can quite understand … if people get their heads into gear … sadly it affects the residential area – Silicon Valley is I’m sure ‘mighty’ expensive! … cheers Hilary

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