Mundane Wednesday: Remote Control

I’m a little late getting to this week’s Mundane Monday challenge for various reasons. Watching TV might be one of them, as the Olympics are on right now. This week’s theme is “remote controller.”


I’m not a fan. I’m old enough that I can still remember getting up off my rear to change the channel, and I don’t think that was a bad thing. Channel surfing, much like scrolling through Facebook, is addictive and kind of a waste of time. Both activities–watching TV and interacting on social media–can be valuable if you do them intentionally, but the scrolling, surfing behavior works against that kind of media consumption.

And we accumulate way too many remotes. One for the TV, one for the old DVD Player, one for the Blu-Ray . . . we used to have a VCR too and associated remote, but at least we got rid of that one before we moved.

In keeping with last week’s photo advice, I did manage to focus on one object in the foreground while blurring the background somewhat, even with an iphone camera. Progress!


For the Mundane Monday Challenge #147.  Mundane Monday Challenge encourages you to take more pictures by being aware of your surroundings. The philosophy of MMC is simple. You can create a beautiful picture even by focusing on a very common looking, dull or so-called Mundane subject!

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