The bed was shaking, something was creaking, and then I opened my eyes. It stopped. My heart was beating too fast and hard. Was that an earthquake? Was it over now? Was it all a dream? Good thing we got that earthquake insurance, I was thinking, as my mind booted up slowly, like an old Macintosh.

My husband has a clock that projects red numbers onto the ceiling. But it always gains time and it’s 10 minutes fast. It confuses me even when my brain has booted up. I turn over and look at my own clock instead with the whitish/bluish numbers on the nightstand. 2:40. “I should remember that in the morning,” I think. I want to go back to sleep. My husband is grinding his teeth but otherwise hasn’t moved or said anything.

A few minutes later, I get out of bed and visit the bathroom. I feel like I’m wide awake but I have a little trouble walking. The room seems to be spinning. I stagger but make it to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, I think, “that was definitely an earthquake.”

I run downstairs in the dark house to retrieve my phone from the charging station. I open up Facebook and the first status I see reads “Earthquake?” “Yep. Woke me up. I can’t get back to sleep” I comment below the status. This is a new Facebook friend and I don’t know her all that well. I scroll. Most of the posts are still from yesterday about how cold it is. Most people are still asleep, even on the East Coast.

But a quick search gets me here: a magnitude 4.5 earthquake near Berkeley, at 2:40 am. I was in California and lived through both the Loma Prieta and Northridge earthquakes. This one was small and tame in comparison, thank goodness. But I still can’t sleep. Everyone else seems to be okay, though, even the cat. Even my husband’s tooth grinding has stopped.

I decide to go in the other room and blog about it. At least it wasn’t a bomb cyclone.





8 thoughts on “Earthquake”

  1. I had to laugh because my husband has that same projection clock in our bedroom and it consistently loses time too. 🙂 It’s horrible if you are having a sleepless night… staring up at the ceiling and watching the time drag by.

    I am glad it was not a big one. Hopefully it relieved pressure and spared you from that in the near future. We pay for earthquake insurance too because we live in a huge fault zone too.

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  2. Sooner or later, I guess it happens if you live in CA. We had an earthquake in the middle of the night here in PA a few years back and I did the same thing. It’s like someone shook you awake but no one is there. Glad everyone’s okay.

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  3. Hi KL – glad all is ok … I felt tremors from mining earth movement in Johannesburg sometimes .. but not been in your situation. Take care – cheers Hilary

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  4. 11:45 a.m. East Coast time and I hadn’t heard about it until I read this. You’d think a quake near Berkeley would make national news, even if only 4.5. Maybe edged from coverage by the tweet-quake.

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