Broken World

The EcoEarth Globe stands in Riverfront Park in Salem, OR. It is an arresting sight from afar, dwarfing even the bridge and the Willamette River behind it. It is also a complex and multifaceted work of mosaic art, with tiles and plaques representing species from all over the planet. But as you get closer, and check out all the continents, you notice something. There is a hole in the middle of Africa, right under the lions, elephants, and zebras.


Some of the tiles have fallen off, and are lying in a heap on the ground below:


Now the meaning of the “Restoration in Progress” sign becomes a little clearer. But how long will it take? The fallen tiles are protected by a tall fence and it seems unlikely that anyone will make off with them before they get reattached.

Still, one can’t help but feel the obvious metaphor. The real Earth is broken and in need of restoration too. When will we seriously start?


For the Mundane Monday Challenge #130.


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