Layers of October

As we head into fall, days get shorter and the light changes. It’s also time for seasonal CITO (Cache-In-Trash-Out) events. We go for walks in the Baylands and instead of looking for geocaches, we look for trash. As I’ve written before about this park, it’s pretty clean. We never get enough trash to fill our bag, and end up taking the trash bag home to use it for household garbage so as not to waste it and defeat the purpose of the event.

But in between the looking for trash and catching Pokemon, there is plenty of opportunity to take pictures.


What strikes me most is the layers: grass blades in the foreground, grass, lake with birds, lake without birds, reflection, green grass, brown grass, trees, mountains, sky.  All in a somber, autumnal light, from which the warm pink shades have almost–but not quite–disappeared.

For the Mundane Monday Challenge #129.

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