Mundane Monday: Last View of Seattle

PhoTrablogger’s entry for this week’s Mundane Monday Challenge is a colorful alleyway. It got me thinking about pictures taken looking down a street or alley. I took this one just before I left Seattle, after visiting my relatives there earlier this month.

You have to look at the picture closely to see the street and the houses at all, but the sunset is especially colorful due to smoke from the wildfires. Those fires would get worse after the picture was taken.


I’ve seen many pictures of the Seattle Space Needle too; usually it stands tall above everything else around it. I found it interesting that in this angle, the observer appears to be looking down on it, with the construction cranes and American Flag in the foreground.

It also reminds me of this previous Mundane Monday Challenge #104, which had a fence and sandbags in the foreground, and the Taj Mahal in the background. These famous landmarks don’t exist by themselves, or in a vacuum without the cities around them, no matter what the marketers would have us think.




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