Mundane Moonday: Sidewalk Shadows

My Mundane Monday challenge picture for this week has the ultimate frame: the moon for Mo(o)nday!

Corvallis OR, where I am currently staying, was in the path of the totality for the 2017 solar eclipse. I came here to watch after dropping my daughter off at university.


If you don’t have eclipse glasses one good way to watch a partial eclipse is to look at the shadows around trees. Each gap in the leaves acts as a pinhole camera, showing an image of the crescent sun.


These shadow pictures were taken after totality, as the moon was uncovering the sun again. Since I came all the way here to watch the eclipse, I decided to stay until the bitter end, until you couldn’t see the moon any more at all through the glasses.

It’s really a phases of the moon T-shirt but who’s counting?

There are better pictures online by professionals, but here is mine of totality at 10:17 am on the OSU/Corvallis campus. I could see the corona and stars, and it was very cool–literally! I had to put on a sweater.

I know this one is not mundane, but I couldn’t resist!


10 thoughts on “Mundane Moonday: Sidewalk Shadows”

    1. Yeah, I figured there would be plenty of great pictures on the internet from pros. And there are! But it seems to be really hard to get accurate pictures of the corona, even with something better than the iphone camera that I used. I thought the corona looked like long strings; eyelashes around an eye. It was awesome in both the new and old senses of the word.

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