Thursday Doors on Friday: Oakland OR

This week I’m going to interrupt my collection of Asian doors to show a different collection of doors, from a place I didn’t know existed until yesterday: Oakland, Oregon.

I’m in the process of driving my almost-18-year-old daughter to her freshman year at Willamette University in Salem, OR. Starting tomorrow, for the week before classes start, she will be doing a hiking trip with some other freshmen. They’ll be out in the wilderness during the eclipse on Monday. Since I will be there anyway, I decided to stick around for the eclipse too.

We took it easy, breaking the drive up into 3 chunks. Todays chunk was by far the longest. I picked Oakland OR off the map as a good place to stop for dinner. We ate at Tolly’s Grill and Soda Fountain, an old-fashioned soda fountain in a historic building just off of I5.

Many of the other buildings in the area were restored as well, but most were unfortunately closed on a Friday evening. They ranged from a museum to an inn, to an antique store, an ice house, and finally to Tolly’s itself.


The restaurant is fun, with carousel horses and stuffed deer heads mounted on the wall. The service and food are both quite good, and an ice cream sundae is a great way to finish off a meal after a long drive. I don’t know when I’ll pass through here again, but it’s definitely worth a visit!


6 thoughts on “Thursday Doors on Friday: Oakland OR”

  1. Hi KL – good to know you’ll be having a fun time seeing Willamette Uni .. while those doors are fun and glad the food passed muster … congratulations to your daughter – cheers Hilary

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