Mundane Monday: Great Wall Shopping

The Mutianyu area near Beijing is a great place to visit the Great Wall of China. It’s not crowded, a long stretch of the wall itself is restored to good condition, the surrounding natural scenery is beautiful, and it has a chair lift and toboggan! But today I’ll focus on the mundane aspects of the visit: what you see when you pay your money.

At the top of the chair lift is kiosk where they try to sell you pictures of yourself on the lift, and sniffing around the kiosk was this adorable little kitten with a fuzzy neck. She looked up at me long enough to allow this picture to be taken, but didn’t stay perfectly still, even then:

Great wall kitten
Tiger tiger!

Later, after climbing around on the wall, we visited the gift shop. I was surprised to find this mug at the cash register, serving as a container for souvenir pens:


On close inspection, the print on the mug to the right says “University of California Berkeley Mom.” Is someone who works at the Great Wall’s son or daughter going to school over here, across the Pacific, near my home?

Just one of many pieces of evidence that we are all connected somehow on this planet.

For the Mundane Monday photo challenge #121.


13 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Great Wall Shopping”

  1. Hi KL – a bit sad to see similar things everywhere – be we in London, CA or on the Great Wall … and always ready to make an extra buck or two … just glad you’re having that opportunity to visit – my goddaughter recently spent some time out there … cheers Hilary

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    1. I did have less culture shock in Asia than I expected. Every country we visited, including mainland China, seemed to have westernized, modernized, and be welcoming to tourists. It did make our trip easier, and I especially appreciated that we had guides who spoke good English because my efforts to learn Asian languages didn’t bear much fruit.


  2. I was at the Po Lin Monestery on Landua Island, Hong Kong, and under the alter was a box with the label “Washington State Apples”. That struck me as very funny — to travel so far to see apples from my home. On that trip we were also at the Great Wall, probably in the same area, as I remember the shopping as much as the wall itself.

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    1. We were in Hong Kong on this trip too. If I have the energy I’ll blog about that next. It was very hot and humid there. I think my day on the Great Wall might have been my favorite day of the whole trip. Warm but not stifling, stunning scenery, some silly fun also.

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