Thursday Doors (on Friday): Beijing City Wall

After walking through the maze of Hutongs and around the train station with offset maps, we finally found the park we were looking for.

These are the first lion pair around a door that we saw and they aren’t playing with the traditional cup for the male and baby for the female.

There were some doors here, (and I was on the lookout for them so I could post them on Thursday Doors) but there were also interesting walls and windows. This park included a section of the old city wall and you needed to pay admission and go up the stairs to get to the place the cache was hidden on top of the wall.


When we got to the top of the staircase, we had a great view of the city, and some of the train tracks. I’m including more sky in this picture than may be compositionally ideal because I wanted to show how blue it was that day. We’d heard horror stories about Beijing air quality, but our guide told us that the air has been much better this year than in previous years. If you can see blue sky the air is supposed to be ok, and we didn’t see anyone wearing face masks. The US Embassy website didn’t always agree with this assessment, but we didn’t have any problems in the few days we were there.

This section of the wall is well preserved (or restored) and there was a spoiler picture for the geocache location in the description, near a burned-out tree. This tree wasn’t hard to locate, and we soon had the cache in hand and signed the log. We were the first to find and sign.

There was another little building on top of the wall with red doors and lions on either side. We wouldn’t learn about the lions until the following day, but they were the first of many.


It was almost closing time for the park by the time we got up there and found the cache, and the shadows were lengthening. It was still very hot, though, even in the late afternoon. We took a different way back to our hotel, through main streets and greenery.

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