Mundane Monday: Chinese Coke

One of my kids had this drink at an excellent restaurant near the great wall. 

I rarely if ever drink Coke anymore, just as a special treat. But I still like their can designs, especially the ones at Christmas with the polar bears. And in this case, the arrangement of these characters is attractive in itself.

For the Mundane Monday photo challenge #120.


6 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Chinese Coke”

  1. Indeed the design looks cool. First I thought it was some abstract design. Only after reading your post, I realised that it is Coke. Its good to be mindful and find such cool designs everywhere.

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  2. Hope you’re having a great trip in China. We visited the Great Wall on my first trip there and it was awesome seeing this ancient wall still standing.
    My wife, who is from Shanghai, told me her story of her first taste of a coke and she said it was an expensive and something they never thought they would experience when she was young.

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