Thursday Doors: Seoul Walk

I am a few days into a trip to Asia. We started out in Seoul, Korea and will be traveling on to Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, X’ian, and Tokyo. I have wifi in at least some of the hotels, but my posting frequency will be spotty for the next 3 weeks. 

I have found that focusing on doors, for Thursday Doors, gives me a different perspective on picture taking. Left to my own devices, I tend to like to photograph trees and other natural phenomena, but focusing on doors makes me think more about people, civilizations, and how societies are structured.

The first installment comes from our first morning in Seoul, walking through streets and alleyways to a small local park called Tapgol Park. The park has some traditional architecture, with walls and gates, separating it from the noise and bustle of the neighborhood:

There was also a thoroughly modern electrical box:


It looks like there might be a geocache under that box (red lid on the right), but we haven’t had great luck with geocaches so far in Seoul. We’ve found one a day to keep the streak alive, but DNF more than we find.

Later, on our way to Changdeokgung Palace, we walked down some small alleyways that were lined with what looked like the back doors to restaurants, a hostel, and some other mysterious wooden doors, with writing.

Back on the main road, we saw a more modern rendering of script on a door:


Let me know if you read Korean! Duolingo Korean isn’t out yet. I love the Korean word for milk, uyu, which looks like two little people holding hands. 우유

13 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Seoul Walk”

  1. The last one says “yoo-li” which means glass. It’s a shop for selling mirrors etc… Enjoy your time in Seoul! If you get a chance, head up to Seoul Sky. It just opened recently and you have incredible views from 555 metres in the sky! 🙂

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  2. Haha, the last one is says “yoo-li” which means glass. It’s a store for mirrors etc… 🙂 Enjoy your time in Seoul. If you have a chance, try to get out to Seoul Sky in the Lotte World Tower – it opened recently and has amazing views 🙂 555 metres up!!

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  3. Have a great trip! When in China you won’t have access to any social media unless you have a vpn account. When I was there last yr I had a tough time getting access to Flickr.
    You’ll find many great images of doors like you found in Korea.

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