Charleston Retention Basin Overlook

Mundane Monday: Platform

This week was the start of a busy end-of-school-year time. From my son’s birthday in late May onward, it usually doesn’t let up until we go on vacation. My son turned 14 this year, and I took him and some friends to see Guardians of the Galaxy II. I’d already seen it, so I went to find a geocache nearby behind the Googleplex. 

Charleston Retention Basin Overlook, view of parking lot

This platform juts out from behind a parking lot into a large, bare, area of dried mud. It is called a “Retention Basin.”  In spite of all the recent rains, the ground is pretty dry again already.

I wasn’t able to find the geocache from the top of the platform, so I was able to go down underneath, where I found it magnetically attached to a post. The view from down there was quite interesting and made a nice frame for the posts and supports.


This platform looks new and may be part of some construction within the basin that built bridges for Google employees to be able to cross the wetlands. According to this article, the construction has at least temporarily disturbed the wildlife, but there is reason to believe that it will come back and the area will be green again.

The Mundane Monday Challenge encourages you to make beautiful compositions out of seemingly mundane objects. Visit PhoTrablogger’s post and see other mundane objects from around the world. 

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