Mundane Monday: Broken Path

Driving around the North Bay near Suisun City, we came upon a geocache called (ironically, as it turned out) “Beautiful Downtown Denverton.” According to the geocache page description, “in 1878 the town [of Denverton] had a store and a blacksmith shop, a wheelwright, a meat market, a hotel, a school-house, and a Good Templars Hall.” 

Where the sidewalk ends This is what’s there today.

Tub filled with weeds There was also a foundation, now overgrown with weeds.

Mooing under the blue sky Or was it a farmhouse? A homestead where someone hoped to build a life for themselves?

It has all faded away.

Denverton in Prisma

For the Mundane Monday Challenge #110, finding beauty in the everyday.


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