Buck's Restaurant Back Door

Thursday Doors: Buck’s Restaurant

I have been too busy to post a Thursday Doors blog for a few weeks, but this week I really want to post these doors, from Buck’s of Woodside

I’m in a writers’ critique group that meets roughly once a month, and a couple of months ago I had a story to read from one of the members who writes thrillers. The draft of his book had a scene that took place in Buck’s. One of the killers, posing as an insurance investigator, is talking to a witness for information, and he decides to meet the witness at the restaurant. From this introduction to the place I had a somewhat sinister impression, but that was dispelled by our visit.


A few weeks ago we went out to see the California wildflower “superbloom”. While we had a nice hike, I think we must have missed the bloom by a week or two. Afterwards we first thought we would visit Alice’s Restaurant, another venerable California institution not far from the wildflower preserve, where “you can get anything you want.” It had a long wait, so we drove up the road to Buck’s instead.

Buck’s, the third in my series of Silicon Valley’s geekiest hotspots, is cluttered and overstuffed with all kinds of weird and wonderful knick knacks . And it’s a door bonanza. From the restroom doors:

. . . on to the back:


. . . there’s always another door around the corner. It’s hard to stand back far enough to get the whole thing with your phone camera.


And the food is good too!

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature created by Norm 2.0 allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. Feel free to join in on the fun! 

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