Mundane Monday: Pipeline

This weekend my husband and I participated in a “Georally,” which is a unique kind of geocaching event. It was a lot like a scavenger hunt. We were given a route to drive and questions to answer about things we saw. 

SomethingToPonderMost of the questions were unexpected, and many were puns, like “What is something to Ponder?” with the answer being “Environmental Services.”

The weather was beautiful and we spent the whole day driving around the North Bay, an area we haven’t been to before that includes the cities of Benicia, Fairfield, and Martinez.

Part of the route took us along this pipeline pictured here, bright yellow against the blue sky and framed by our car’s windshield:


With all the pipelines in the news lately, I realized, as I passed under this one, that I had never actually seen an oil pipeline this closeup before.

There are several oil refineries in the area, which serve most of the northern part of the state of California. Alarmingly, they sit near or on top of the Concord Fault. According to the San Jose Mercury News, a large seismic event could “leave the entire northern half of the state without easy access to fuel, disrupting transportation and the transmission of electricity and water.”


Some of the most mundane and essential of functions flow through these bright yellow pipes. For the Mundane Monday Challenge #108.


10 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Pipeline”

  1. At sixty, I’m beginning to suspect it is more or less typical of our species to do things like build refineries and pipelines on top of faults. I’m not speaking from cynicism, though, but rather mere awareness.

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    1. Yeah. These locations are good for other reasons–proximity to the Bay, ships, ports, refineries, etc. It’s all an interlocking system with so many moving parts and everything dependent on everything else. Systems easily get too big and complex for humans to keep up.

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  2. Scary, right, how much damage can be caused by a spill. I deal with this for work so am no longer shocked by it, more bemused (?!) and saddened by how little we do to protect our resources when dealing with energy production. 😩

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  3. I also have never been up close to an oil pipeline. I imagine them as dirty, ugly, poisonous (though necessary) underground things. To see one above ground, painted so warmly, kind of makes me consider them in a different light.

    Since it would be tough to live without them, why not make them beautiful when we have to see them? I’m thinking also of the street-level transformer boxes people like to paint now, or the giant LNG tank off of I-93 that you probably recall from your Boston days.

    I look forward to this post from you every week. Thanks!

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