Mundane Monday: Rio Vista

I took this photo a few weeks ago, on a geocaching trip. The view is from Rio Vista, on the Sacramento River.

I don’t know what all the foreground objects are, (or the white towers in the back for that matter). They remind me a little of a dystopian landscape, envisioned as part of the cover of a science fiction novel. But the sky, the clouds, and the greenery that frame these strange objects contrast with that vision. Especially the sky, with its different textures of clouds receding into the distance, I view as the frame for these otherwise mundane foreground objects.

I also experimented with Prisma filters to see if I could enhance these effects.


For the Mundane Monday Challenge #107.  I find that what others participating in this challenge call mundane can seem very exotic to me!

Mundane Monday Challenge encourages you to take more pictures. The philosophy of MMC is simple. You can create a beautiful picture even by focusing on a very common looking, dull or so called Mundane subject! All you have to do is look around, find a mundane subject, appreciate it and use your creativity to frame it in such a way to create a beautiful frame. 

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