Mundane Monday: Orchids

In the fall of 2015, we had a housewarming party in our new home in CA. I invited one of my coworkers with her husband and two small children. She, in turn, brought me an orchid plant. The flowers were very neatly arranged in two rows, haiku-like. They lasted for a couple of weeks and then fell off and I had a nice pot with two green sticks sticking out of it, propped up with a rather elaborate system of clips and supports. 

I’m slow at decluttering, even what might look like dead houseplants, and often forget to water things. It turns out that this benign neglect resulted in even more flowers a year and a half later:


This picture is for the Mundane Monday Challenge #105, finding beauty in the everyday and finding unique frames for photos. I keep this orchid on the piano next to the window in the front room. Everything in the vicinity is pretty much black or white, so I decided to try to emphasize that and play with the color balance such that the orchid is the only object that appears colorful in the photo. Check out other entries from around the world or submit your own!

8 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Orchids”

  1. I love this story. Really serious orchid people have it down to a science, controlling the temperature and humidity of the room the orchids are in, and they produce amazing results. I’m not one of these people, so when my orchids decide to flower it’s like winning the botanical lottery!

    Anyways, aren’t the most beautiful blossoms those born from adversity?

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