Thursday Doors: Farm Country

Last month my husband and I drove east and north to Yuba City and environs to find some geocaches. We encountered a different California from Silicon Valley, where we live. 


Case in point: the doors on most Thursday Doors posts are attached to beautiful, elaborate pieces of architecture. These, well, not so much.


Doors here, like the buildings they are attached to, are simple and few and far between. They mostly exist to keep animals in or out.


Or to keep them safe while traveling.


But I think I am discovering something about myself as a photographer by doing these posts. As beautiful as human-built architecture can be, I tend to gravitate towards geometric shapes, landscapes, and functional forms whose beauty is shaped by natural forces.


8 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Farm Country”

  1. I love the second capture down from the top, the geometry of it! The shadow enchants the mundane barn, I think.

    Where I grew up in Central Illinois, there were plenty of doors like those around Yuba City. Not a whole lot in the way of architectural delights, though. An occasional old Victorian farmhouse.

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  2. Our weekend neighbors are from Silicon valley – after their stories I have an idea how it looks like there – nice to be in a different part of the state, eh? Where I live is similar, only more mountainous – so most of my doors are very simple. Even in Sacramento one really has to look to find elaborate doors!.

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