Mundane Monday: Stacks and Cracks

This week’s Mundane Monday challenge shows the Taj Mahal framed by stacks of sandbags. It reminded me immediately of the stacks of sandbags I saw, and photographed, last week along a creek bed. No Taj Mahal here, but I was reminded of Leonard Cohen’s lyric, that the crack in everything is “how the light gets in.” In these stacks, the crack is where the flowers can grow:


12 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: Stacks and Cracks”

    1. I’ve been working on this challenge for about a year now. My interpretation of “mundane” has become to photograph things around my home that I pass by on a regular basis and might not notice otherwise, if not for this challenge.

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      1. Excellent idea! In my opinion, that’s one of the more valuable functions of art — to call our attention to things we might otherwise not notice, such as the beauty of flowers growing from a wall of sandbags. I’m so going to enjoy your Mundane Mondays now that I’ve found your blog!

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