Mundane Monday: California Poppies

The California State Flower, the California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) is everywhere around here right now. The rain is over, the drought is over, and the sun is out.

Check out these links for more pictures:

San Jose Mercury News: Big wildflower bloom expected in Bay Area parks as spring sunshine arrives

Los Angeles Times: The Antelope Valley poppies have exploded into a spectacular burst of neon, signaling an end to drought

SF Gate: The Grapevine is bursting with California poppies in a rare bloom

For the Mundane Monday Challenge #103

5 thoughts on “Mundane Monday: California Poppies”

    1. Actually, the poppy is always here, even last year. It’s plentiful enough in this area to qualify as mundane. The picture is from the side of a trail behind the school where I teach (not too far from the Mission Bay nursery of the last post). But this year is special in terms of having huge carpeted fields of poppies. So far they are mostly in SoCal, but the next couple of weeks are supposed to be great for wildflower viewing here in the Bay Area.

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      1. Oh, cool. I was just commenting on the because the article you attached said the invasives push the poppy out, but drought kills the invasives which the poppy can withstand so poppies come back strong! 💪

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